Make the Most of Your Tampa Vacation

When the time comes to book your vacation accommodations for your vacation to Tampa, Florida, the decision doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many resources available online with up to date information from travelers just like you that you can plan your trip with the peace of mind knowing you’ve made the right selections. Here are a few simple questions to think about when deciding on your hotel.

What is the purpose of your trip? Are you visiting for leisure or business?

volkswagen-569315_1920Depending on the reason you’re traveling to the area can influence the next question. If you’re traveling for business, you’ll likely require different amenities than if you are traveling for leisure. Those who are attending meetings or conferences may want to stay near where they will happen. People traveling on leisure may want a place with a good view and restaurants nearby.

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What area of Tampa is suitable for your vacation? Do you prefer seclusion or being at the center of things?

If you are planning on golfing, look for a resort near the golf course. For those who are historically inclined, finding a place to stay in the historic district will be rewarding for you. Some people like everything within walking distance, so if you’re there for the food look for a place downtown, likewise for the beach. I

clock-650753_1920Is your time in Tampa limited? What do you want to accomplish during your time there?

Depending on the length of time you’ll be visiting Tampa, you may want to map out a hotel that is in a close proximity to the main things you want to do so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in transit. Map out your must see areas and find a hotel close by.

What type of hotel do you want to stay in? How many people are in your party?

Pick your poison, whether it be high rise hotels with turndown service or one with more of a relaxed beachy vibe. Some hotels are historic, which make for great experiences, and others are basic which are perfect if you won’t be spending much time there anyway. Think of the size of your party and how many people you’d have per room. Families with small children may want a suite with a separate bedroom, while a group of couples traveling together will likely want their own rooms.

wine-glasses-176991_1920So, now that you’ve answered those questions, you’ll have an idea of what you need in a hotel. Luckily for you, websites like Yelp, Tripadvisor and even Facebook can offer peer reviews from unbiased travelers who just want to share their experiences. These resources are truly invaluable, especially when you’re not familiar with an area and you don’t know anyone personally who can share their experiences. Read reviews, sometimes even the bad ones won’t be bad to you. If someone rates a hotel with two stars because they didn’t have chocolate on the pillow, and you don’t want chocolate then you’ll know that it could still work out. Just watch for trends and ask yourself how you’d handle such a situation.

If you aren’t comfortable deciding on your own, look into a travel agency and tell them how you answered the questions. They may have their own set of questions to ask you, but the more they know the better they’ll be able to direct you to where you want to be. Planning an memorable and perfect trip doesn’t have to be difficult, there are many resources to make it a breeze, and before you know it you’ll also be enjoying another breeze, of the tropical variety.

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Where to Lay Your Head to Rest

Palm trees, fruity drinks and the smell of the ocean are a fairly universal definition of a tropical holiday. Whether you’re on a remote island, or a place as popular as the white sandy beaches Tampa, Florida, finding a comfortable place to stay for vacation is a key part of the trip planning process. Some people like to be waited on, while others are self sufficient, but whatever your style there is a place with a bed or as many beds as you need, to stay for your budget and desired amenities.

Hostels: For those who just need a place to sleep, and don’t much care about comfort, luxuries, or privacy, hostels are one of the cheapest places to stay. Typically offering communal sleeping quarters and bedrooms, and some with a kitchen available for guests, staying in a hostel takes a certain type of traveler who isn’t afraid to live on the edge.

sandals-342672_1920Motels: Often smaller and older chains, as well as privately owned, motels differ from the classic hotel as they typically have exterior entrances rather than interior corridors. Usually you can park your vehicle in front of your room, and they have all the basic amenities. Sometimes they’ll have a centralized outdoor pool, but when it comes to added amenities like breakfast, they are minimal if any.

Bed and Breakfasts and Inns: Often found outside of major metropolis areas, bed and breakfasts and inns are usually a quaint and intimate place to stay. Usually converted from old houses and mansions, they typically don’t have many rooms, but offer a homey and welcoming feel. B&B’s usually come with a home cooked breakfast from the owner, and inns often serve a continental breakfast as well. They range from merely well appointed to luxurious, so there’s likely something for your relaxation style.

lights-1088141_1920Cabins and Cottages: Some people like the added privacy of a cottage or a cabin with no shared walls. Many motels and inns offer these in conjunction with connected rooms, while other places consist solely of these tiny homes away from home. Typically, they are studio style with a kitchenette and bedroom all in one open room, with a private bathroom. Some have couches based on space, and some actually have private bedrooms too.

Rental Homes: For those who aren’t ready to give up the luxuries of home and don’t like the idea of spending vacation in close quarters with anyone else will likely enjoy staying in a rental home. While most don’t offer daily housekeeping, and you have to clear your own dishes off the table, it’s a great way to save money while enjoying being away with added space, especially when travelling with a large party.

Hotels: Hotels are the standard corridor down the middle, inside entrances to private guest rooms. Depending on the hotel, suites with extra rooms or kitchenettes are often available, and they have daily housekeeping service to make sure the place stays tidy and clean. Many hotels have attached restaurants, or at least breakfast and vending areas. Typically, larger chain hotels and any large hotel in general will be staffed around the clock.

Full Service Hotels: These are the cream of the crop in the hotel world, full service. They have people there around the clock every day to cater to your stars-1128772_1920every need. They have full restaurants, and kitchens that will deliver room service, laundry services, turndown services and just about anything else you could need to enjoy a trip.

All-Inclusive Resorts: All-Inclusives are a deluxe version of the full
service hotel, only everything is included in your nightly rate rather than a la carte meals and drinks. These are good for people who want to pay for their trips in advance, without worry of running up a pricy food and beverage bill.

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Your Trip’s a Win at Holiday Inn

When you’re away from the comforts of home and you just want a comfortable place to rest, sometimes you aren’t willing to try unfamiliar names. There is something warm and inviting about being in five different cities in five different days, but knowing that your bed will be exactly the same each night, and that your favorite breakfast will always be available in the morning, no matter where you are. When you stay at Holiday Inns, you’ll have just that, a little home on the road for you. Travel easy knowing everything is taken care of for you when you stay at a chain hotel.

Benefits of staying at a chain like Holiday Inn during your vacation:

You can earn loyalty points and earn free stays. Most chain hotels, including Holiday Inn, have loyalty programs for their guests. Holiday Inn flowers-164754_1280is part of the IHG Rewards Club, which allows its members to earn points based on how much they spend when they stay at any of the twelve brands in the IHG family of hotels. As your points accrue, they can then be used towards free nights and discounted stays… so it pays to stay at Holiday Inn!

It’s a trusted name so you can feel secure even in unfamiliar locations. When you stay at a Holiday Inn, you know the name so don’t have to worry about handing over your credit card and having the number end up in a questionable place. Rest easy knowing that the exterior doors will close to non-guests at night, and that there is someone at the desk during all hours.

Hotel chains must follow brand guidelines in order to keep their name. This isn’t just some mom and pop hotel that has the fourteen year old grandson do maintenance and the staff just sprays Febreze on the crusty old comforter that has been there longer than the grandson. In order to suitcase-468445_1920maintain Holiday Inn standards, they must pass periodic quality assurance checks that let the owners, the brand, and the guests know that they’re getting the same experience at any hotel they visit.

Enjoy familiar meals that you know you like. Many chain hotels, including Holiday Inn have in house restaurants and bars, that serve items that you already know you enjoy. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy some local flair, but there are also those times when you just want to grab a bite to eat and go to bed. The same is said for breakfast, especially if you need to get up and get out efficiently, then on site breakfast is a huge bonus. Some places even include free breakfast!

Keep in touch while on the road with free wi-fi. Just because you are on the move doesn’t mean your online life has to be put on hiatus. Stay up with work, email loved ones and crush all the candy you need. Many chains, including Holiday Inn, offer business center services so you can print or send faxes as needed. This is an added benefit at midgrade chains, because some of the full service hotels might charge you for everything, including blocks of time on the wireless internet.

Stay active so all those indulgent meals in the restaurant don’t leave your pants too snug. While exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you’re vacationing and enjoying a cocktail or three each night, but when you’re feeling like exercising, or staying true to your normal routine, hotel chains including Holiday Inns offer fitness centers and swimming pools to their guests at select locations to help you stay happy and healthy.


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